Schedule (date & time) for 99 trips, including the main session in October and WOW Encore in December.



Partners volunteer time, equipment, expertise, donations and more.

Eve Turek



October 17 thru 22, 2017 (main session) and December 8 thru 10, 2017 (WOW Encore session)

Noah is the 2015 world 'Big Year Birding' record holder-6,042 species.

WOW Partners

To reach the 2017 WOW registration website:



A signed Wings Over Water waiver form is required for each registrant.
If you sign up alone (as an individual) you don't need to send in a physical form. Your initials on the registration website waiver form will be sufficient. You will see and initial this form during the regular registration process.

BUT, if you register as a group, you will need to print off the waiver form and have each member of the group sign it. And then either scan and email it to Wings Over Water, or fax or mail (to be received no later than October 13, 2017 for main session and December 4. 2017 for WOW Encore).